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How to use Microsoft’s new Expression WebŪ
web page authoring software

to program web page design tasks into your teaching 
and to create your own teaching-support web pages 

“Web development projects provide powerful, authentic learning experiences that generate some of the most exciting outcomes from technology in teaching ” – M. D. Roblyer, “Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching”.

Provides all the skills and hands-on practice you need to program exciting, challenging Web Page Design tasks into your teaching and to create your own teaching-support web pages.

Course features:

  • Provides you with all the skills, knowledge, and hands-on practice you need to program web page design projects into your units of work and create teaching-support web pages
  • Scheduled for all regions across metropolitan and rural NSW
  • Runs over 2 days
  • Individual learning of Microsoft Expression Web skills is combined with discussion on web page development projects
  • Special layered design of the course makes it suitable for teachers at all levels of competency (whether you have only basic skills or you are a computer expert).

Course objectives:
Attendees will develop a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Different types of web page design projects
  • What strategies are appropriate for setting web page design tasks
  • The process of designing and creating a web page and a web site
  • Web page creation tools (Microsoft Expression Web)
  • How students can be instructed in the use of web page creation tools

Course Outcomes:
Attendees will be able to:

  • plan and administer web page design projects
  • select the most appropriate strategy for a given project
  • competently use web page creation software (Microsoft Expression Web)
  • instruct students in the design and creation of web pages and web sites

Course content:
Attendees will develop the skills to:

  • Identify appropriate web page design projects to achieve specific outcomes
  • Program web page design projects
  • Plan a web page or web site
  • Use Microsoft Expression Web to construct a fully-featured web page or web site
  • Instruct students in the use of Microsoft Expression Web
  • Include graphics, audio and video in web pages
  • Create web pages containing forms
  • Publish web sites

How to” web page creation skills you will take from the course:

  • How to create effective web pages
  • How to include graphics or images in your web pages
  • How to include audio and video in your web pages
  • How to publish your web site.
  • How to help your students learn Microsoft Expression Web