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Past Attendee Comments

 What teachers have said about these Pedacomp courses:

"Using Moodle and Microsoft OneNote

as Teaching and Learning Tools"

Nia Voulgaris-Donas, St Marys North Public School, "A really excellent course which I believe will continue to evolve & get even better!".

Leza Luckett, Ashford Central School, "The workshop was really well done.  We got through a great deal of learning".

Marianne Fernandes, The Childrens Hospital School, "Just right - even the spacing of content and the breaks were appropriate.  I'm so glad for the opportunity as I’m now really able to help my students as they access their school work through Moodle".

Priscilla Adei-Cardwell, Merewether High School, "An excellent inservice!".

Dimitri Anikin, Bowen Public School, "The course was great, detailed and well presented. I now use these skills everyday in my teaching."

Lisa Hoang, Prairiewood High School, "The whole workshop was excellent".

Debbie Kiely, Willoughby Girls High School, "The amount we covered in the day was huge, yet it was very well paced".

Beck Pendlebury, Putland Education and Training Unit, "Very useful!  It gave me valuable time to play with the software myself".

Russell Smith, Chifley College Senior Campus, "I thought the presenter did an outstanding job in meaningfully covering an enormous amount of content in the single day".

Tania Thomas, Pennant Hills High School, "The course was fantastic.  It was set up really well, we all had power points to ensure that our laptops were charged for the whole day, we could see the screen clearly, the presenter really knew what he was talking about, there were assistants helping those that needed help...  a great day!" .

Tara Yates, Wyong High School, "Very informative, and very well-presented".

Barbara Hughes, Parkes High School", "It was perfect.  Thank you for a very practical, fun, worthwhile day!".

Anna Taleb, Sylvania High School, "The manual is a great resource".

Vicki Graham, Byron Bay High School, "The roving helpers were invaluable! I had some Moodle experience but got lost once or twice, and a roving helper immediately jumped in and helped me catch up".

Julie Attwooll, Kincumber High School, "I thought providing the roving helpers solved a lot of problems and showed great foresight. It made a huge difference".  

"Using Adobe Captivate to Create Teaching Resources"

Lin Eccleston, Molong Central School, "As with each of your three courses I have attended the Captivate course was invaluable. Please continue to provide the booklets to attendees. It is such a gift to be able to go home and look up the bits I've forgotten how to do"

 Jennifer Newell, Killara High School, "The course was extremely interesting and challenging. Many courses I have attended over the years have been interesting but not challenging. I look forward to doing more of your courses".

Sue Austin, Rouse Public School, "A very well-paced and informative course".

Valencia Minerva, Nepean High School, "An excellent course!".

Erin Bradshaw, Wallsend South Public School, "A very well-managed course. The extra trainers provide support for the slower ones, and the detailed workbook give faster learners the option to go ahead on their own".

Scott Allen, Noumea Public School, "It was a very well presented course.  I would recommend Pedacomp training to anyone".

Abir Charif, Casual teacher, "I really enjoyed the whole session. It was a great way to spend a Saturday. I have never been so interested or attentive during a Professional Development session".

David Cornford, Gorokan High School, "I feel the course was run very professionally; having 2 assistants for the people not keeping up meant the course could keep going at a good pace. Considering the limited time available in one day I don't think anything could have been done any better!".

Karina Dunne, Endeavour Sports High School, "I was really impressed and fully engaged at all times. The assistance of the two roving support team helped the flow of the seminar and the presenter was really informed and patient at all times. The venue was comfortable and the pace of all sessions was appropriate.  I particularly enjoyed the fact that I left the workshop knowing I could integrate this type of program into my teaching.

Usha Jena, Merrylands High School, "Everything was perfect. Continue the good work!".

 Fay Jones, Woonona Public School, "I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I now need to sit and go over the content whilst I prepare to complete future projects for my own teaching program for my classes".

Natalie MacDonald, Wadalba Community School, "It was a very well structured course. The presenter ensured everyone got the help they needed and somehow managed to run the course at a pace that suited everyone".

"Understanding and Using the Windows 7 Operating System installed on the NSW Department of Education Laptops"

"A very relaxed workshop; a great small group; a great venue.  Everything was presented in easy to understand way. I really like that this was in my local area", Amanda Langley, James Meehan High School

"The course was excellent and well-presented.  I definitely achieved my goals for the day",  Prashant Titheradge, Gosford High School

"I particularly liked having the workbook with the opportunity to work along side the presenter as he demonstrated examples",Patrice Joynson, Albion Park High School
"Great course! I'm now inspired to work through the booklet...during  the holidays!!!", Deborah Hodges, Caringbah High School

"I thought Keith was a fabulous presenter for the course. He was very clear and I understood exactly what he was trying to put across", Donna Gillett, Bringelly Public School

"The pace of delivery was good even for a slow learner such as myself", Peter Rees, Dungog High School

"A great course which all teachers should do. Keep it up", Andrew Birkett, Cecil Hills Public School
"A great course that should be taught to all year 9 students who receive a netbook", Joshua Wills, Kempsey High School

"Please continue to provide the booklets to attendees. It is such a gift to be able to go home and look up the bits I forgotten how to do", Lin Eccleston, Molong Central School
"A great workshop that went at a pace I could follow and most importantly understand and remember. Thanks", Sharon Fitzpatrick, Tangara School



"Programming for Computer-related Outcomes
with Microsoft Office"

         “Should be compulsory!! One of the more relevant courses I have done”, Michael Ticehurst, Dubbo College

         “I really needed as a teacher to do this course!  It filled in a lot of the blanks in my understanding of Word, EXCEL and POWERPOINT”, Annette Holman, Parkes High School

         “I learned more today than any other course I have ever done.  The workbook instructions are amazingly helpful” – Heather Lindsay, Bulli High School

         “The most useful computer workshop I have EVER attended!  Very realistic in what it tried to achieve” – Donna Love, St Joseph’s Catholic School, Albion Park

         “I can see my approach to Spreadsheets/Word/PowerPoint changing after this course: I now know how to teach the students to create really interesting documents” – Steve Dalton, St John’s College, Nowra

          “The pace was excellent: unlike many courses I didn’t feel left behind.  And the resource pack is excellent.  I look forward to putting what I learned into practice”, Catherine Richardson, St Johns, Nowra

          “An excellent course - much better than other courses I have previously been to with other providers: Practical skills that can be easily applied to the classroom; clear instruction accompanied by a workbook that clearly illustrates steps for further reference; a presenter who is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful; a day broken up well by regular breaks” – Mia Elbourne, Finlay High School

          “A very valuable course that I would recommend to anyone.  I never knew computers were so easy!!” - Melinda Kent, Ashford Central School

         “This was just great!  Learnt heaps and will be able to USE it” – Louise Lawler, Dubbo College Senior Campus

         “An excellent course catering to the wide variety of skills in the group.  I learned skills I will use immediately” - Keith Smith, Wagga Wagga High School

          “The course has shown me the easy way to work through Microsoft, and given me skills I’ll need and use for the rest of my career!” – Gill Davis, Glen Innes High School

          “I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  It complemented my current abilities and taught me valuable information” - Amy Packer, Leeton High

         “The workbook will be of tremendous ongoing value as a resource” - Christine Irvine, Kooringal High School

         “A great course.  I really learned a lot” – Regina Menz, O’Connor Catholic College

         “A lot of really well organised content” - Liz Barbaresco, Kooringal High School

         “I learned a great deal of valuable information that I hope to transfer to other faculty members.  The workbook provided will be an excellent ongoing resource” – C. Hawke, Mt Austin High

         “I gained lots as I am sure most people did.  The workbook is great” - Maree Kirkland, Young High school

         “I really enjoyed the 2 days” – Lex Lees, Model Farms High School

         “An extremely valuable course” – Garron Buttress-Grove, Mitchell High School

         “A great course” - Yvonne Meagher, Galston High

         “Really enjoyed the course – particularly Word and PowerPoint.  Excellent workbook.  I’ll value it not only as a reference for myself but also for my students.  Many thanks!” - Lori Cracknell, Illawarra Sports High

          “Well presented by Keith – well done!  I look forward to attending more of your courses in the future”, JT Lal, Strathfield South High School

         “Very interesting and useful.  Keith has a very friendly and patient manner which makes for a comfortable learning environment.  Would definitely do more Pedacomp courses in the future”, Sherrie Gallagher, Canterbury Boys High School

        “I’ve been to numerous courses over the years and yours is by far the best!  I’ve been able to increase my computer skills enormously.  More importantly my students will benefit from my knowledge”.  Maurie Hogan, Uranquinty Public School

        “The course was excellent for me.  I felt confident because I was adding to my limited existing knowledge.  I was thrilled to learn work I could use with my class.  The presenter was fabulous – helpful, kind, thoughtful and tolerant.  No suggestions for improvement - I loved it!” - Gail Baker, Chatswood Public School

        “The course offered everything I was expecting to achieve.  I’m very glad it comes with a manual because without that I’ll never remember the new things, which there were heaps.  A very professionally delivered course” - Carol Anderson, Franklin Public School

        “Without these skills the primary teacher can’t use computers as a tool for working with advanced thinking skills.  Look forward to attending more of your courses” – Judy Ferguson, South Wagga Public School

        “I highly recommend this course for other primary teachers” – Marg Keech, Mudgee Public School

        Thank you for a great two days” – Julie Webber, Mangoplah Public School.

        “The step-by-step guidance and the presenter’s patience were excellent” Helen Nixon, Tolland Public School

        “Learned heaps!” – Dave Wall, Wagga Wagga Public School

         “Fabulous.  Thanks.  I learned so much.  Thanks for your patience” -  Susan Low, Wyalong Public School

        “Fantastic having the time to fiddle and play.  Well organised data and resources” – Susan Mestrom, Dubbo South Public School

         “The course was very beneficial.  I have dabbled in parts of these, however there is sooo much more that I didn’t know!” - Sonia Dukes, Corinella Public School

        “I’ve learned so many new skills that I will use with the children and during the time I use computers in my own time” – Judi Cannon, Holy Family Parkes

        “The whole course stretched me, and has given me lots of ideas and will help me enormously” – Patrice Rowe, Gordon East public School

        “Thank you for sharing your expertise.  I found this course right at my level” – Belinda Heinecke, St Brigid’s Marrickville

        It was a real step in improving my confidence in my IT skills.  Thank you for teaching me so much” – Megan Murphy, Ravenswood

        “Very well presented; extremely easy to follow; explicit.  I can’t wait to work through it at home!”, Deborah Ward, Belmore North Public School

        “I enjoyed everything about the course: the class size was good, the venue terrific, and the pace of the program perfect.  Thank you.”, Lynne Kirkpatrick, Sunning Hill


"Programming Web Page Design into Units of Work"

  • "This is the first course in 3 years of teaching that I have really enjoyed and learned a lot!! Would definitely recommend to others!!" - Jacqueline Vickery, Elizabeth Macarthur High School

  • "Excellent course. Well presented. Presenter allowed participants to work at own pace and to apply knowledge. Well done. Satisfied all needs" - Wayne Woods, Armidale High School

  • "Excellent, & I thank you" - Grant Henry, Terrigal High School

  • "Very happy with all of it" -  Melanie Leete, Erina High School

  • "I feel informed and confident to use the skills in my profession. Thank you!" - Jennie Harold, Liverpool Boys High School

  • “Excellent: well-paced and informative” – Paul Finnerley, Westport High School

  • “Excellent - Five out of five!” – Michael Hall, Port Macquarie High School

  • “One of the best courses I have been to in many years” – Allen Urquhart, Oxley High School

  •  “Excellent - Thanks for a great presentation” - Lorraine Hughes, Duval High

  • “The teaching was thorough yet easy to follow, and the book will be an invaluable resource in the future” – Frank Federico, Sefton High

  • “Wow!  A great course: great pace, great content, very appropriate for teaching and even for commercial use” – Lisa Cox, Moorefield Girls High

  • “A very well designed course” – David Chapple, Caringbah High

  • Great work!  I learned everything I wanted to know” – Rod Child, Robert Townson High School

  • “Excellent for someone like me with a reasonable knowledge of computers but no knowledge of web sites” – Sandra Ferguson, Figtree High School

  • “An excellent course – I learned a significant amount and achieved all of my goals for the course” – Silvana Martens, Quakers Hill High School

  • “Excellent workbook, excellent delivery,  an excellent course” – Mick Dawson, Colo High School

  • "The best course I've done in 25 years of teaching" - Jeff Buxton, Plattsburg Public School

  • "Outstanding course. Would recommend to Principal and other colleagues" - Kim Kovacs, Riverstone Public School

  • "The course content was great! I really enjoyed it and learnt lots" - Sharon McFarlane, Belmont Public School

  • "Found the course very interesting and enjoyed myself" - Michael Simpson, Martins Gully Public School

  • "Learned heaps and am very pleased with the technology skills I take from the course" - Sharon Smalley, Warwick Farm Public School

  • “A well-paced, informative and well-delivered course” – Nigel Paul, South Grafton Primary School

  • “An extremely beneficial course which I will highly recommend to my peers” – Julie Kirk, Westdale Public School

  • “Perfectly paced, excellent workbook, everything very clearly explained and presented; an excellent course” – Mary Hogan, Yamba Public School

  • “I really enjoyed the course.  The presenter was patient and expert and I learned a great deal” – Judy Voisey, Tabulum Public School

  • “Highly beneficial and practical.  Great skills for application to teaching of students” – Gabriele Quinn, Biddabah Public School

  • “Thank you for an amazing course” – Suzanne Haley, Edgworth Public School

  • “Far better than any DET course I have attended.  This plus Pedacomp’s MS Office course are the most useful ICT courses for K-6 teachers I have attended” – Diane Wither, Aberdeen Public School

  • “The course was excellently presented, and I felt very comfortable knowing I could ask questions without feeling stupid” – Michelle Weeks, Abbotsford Public School

  • “Thanks for a great course” – Elizabeth Pike, Eastwood Public School

  • “I’m confident that I will be able to pass on these skills to my stage 3 students who will love the challenge” – Kathryn Davis, Kangaroo Valley Public School