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Teaching the New NSW K-6 Science and Technology syllabus

Hybrid Course

Information on how
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The course is available all of term 1, 2019
Monday 28 January to Friday 12 April 
(you choose the dates that suit)

The course is designed to be non-complex for schools to host.  To achieve this there are significant logistics on our side that go into making it easy, smooth and problem-free for you.  We hope you will understand if we err on the side of over-providing information but this will assist in the small amount of preparation necessary at your end.

The course and workshop consists of 3 components:

  1. 9 hours on line individual self-study
  2. 6 hours on line group study learning at your school
  3. 6 hours live instructor tuition and workshop at your school

In the below information we refer to these as Component 1, Component 2, and Component 3.

The components must be completed in sequence:

Component 1
Your teachers first all individually complete the pre-course sections (4 hours) of the 9 hours on line self-study modules.  (The other 5 hours self-study are post-course study).

This is completed on our fully-automated Moodle online Learning Management System.  Teachers can complete Component 1 in their own time, when and where it suits them.  They can commence as soon as their enrolment has been submitted and registered by our system. 
Your teachers should be advised that they should have fully completed pre-study sections (4 hours) of Component 1 before the date of commencement of your school's 3rd component.

Component 2
Your teachers, in groups of not less than 3 and not more than 5 complete the 6 hours group learning/workshop.   This is guided by our Moodle Learning Management System in the same way as if it was led by a live instructor except the resources have been pre-recorded by our syllabus technology & learning expert, Keith Wolfson. 
The material is divided
into sections and after each section the group pauses the material, discusses what has been covered, and then continues to the next section.

Component 2 can be scheduled for whenever suits your school, within the constraint that this component needs to be completed before the date of commencement of your 3rd (instructor-led) component. 

The dates for completion of your 2nd Component are up to you but we need to know your chosen dates, as we program our system to give your teacher groups access to the group Learning Management System on those dates. 
There is a form below where you can advise us of your chosen dates for Component 2.  You may change them later if you find they are not suitable.

Component 2 is completed in a room at your school where your teachers can all be together in one room but, if there is more than one goup, working in groups of no less than 3 and no more than 5.  The room needs to have good Internet/WiFi access. 

Each group works at a computer, and no equipment is required other than the computers and reliable Internet/WiFi access.

Component 3
Your teachers, again in groups of between 3 and 5 complete the six hours live instructor tuition and workshop led live by Keith Wolfson via virtual classroom video linkup.  It is c
ompleted at your school and can be scheduled for whenever suits your school within the constraints that:

  1. It must be scheduled for after the 2nd component is completed
  2. Our instructors conduct it over two consecutive weekday-after-school afternoons on Mondays & Tuesdays, or two consecutive weekday-after-school afternoons on Wednesdays & Thursdays, or on a full-day Saturday.
    The Monday & Tuesday and the Wednesday & Thursday sessions run from 3:15pm to 6:15pm.  The Saturday full-day session runs from 9:15am to 4:15pm with 20-minute morning and afternoon tea breaks, and a 40-minute lunch break.
  3. It is preferable for the 3rd component to be scheduled as soon as possible after the 2nd component.

We ask you to select in the form below up to five preference dates for your 3rd Component to help us schedule our Live Trainer bookings.

For Component 3 the room should have sufficient free floor space as your teachers will be experimenting with coding of robots.  Component 3 requires a room with a projector and projector screen to project our presenter live into your room.

If you don't have a projector and/or a screen Pedacomp can rent you an auto-popup screen and/or a projector.
If you do not have a room with good quality WiFi but you do have a room with an in-wall fixed network socket we can rent you a plug-and-play WiFi kit that will connect to the in-wall network adapter and give you good quality WiFi in the room.

Component 3 also requires that each group of teachers have access to one of our special Technology Kits.  These Technology Kits are sent to you on a rental basis with a maximum of 4 days rental being free.  They are shipped to your school at our expense.  Return shipment via Australia Post Parcel post is your responsibilty.  This normally costs around $40 per kit.  We carry all shipping risk of loss or damage.

Because the Technology Kit equipment is expensive and we have a finite number of Technology Kits the free rental is for a maximum of 4 working days (weekend days do not count against your 4 working days).  If you retain Technology Kits for longer than 4 working days a rental fee per Technology Kit of $49 per working day over 4 days will apply.

In addition you will need to have available at least one iPad or Android tablet per group of teachers.  If you do not have sufficient tablets we can rent you tablets for the duration of your sessions for a fee of $49 per tablet. (We provide free a Windows laptop as part of your Technology Kit, but in addition to that you will need to provide the tablets or rent them).
Note:  Your iPad or Android tablet must be compatible with Bluetooth LE/Smart.  You can check this page to see if your tablets are compatible:


Teacher enrolment and payment 

This form is for registering your school's participation. After you have submitted this form your teachers can self-enroll here (or you can email us a spreadsheet with their details in Firstname, Surname, Email columns if that is easier for you)

There is a minimum fee per school of 4 x teachers @ $199 each = $796.  Additional teachers above the four are charged at $199 each.

Your school will be invoiced for the $796 upon making this booking.  The $796 entitles you to four no-fee teacher enrolments. 

The fee for further teacher enrolments is payable as a deposit of $99 at the time of the teacher's enrolment with the balance of $100 payable upon the teacher's completion of the final instructor-led session.

Refunds for monies paid by schools that find they need to cancel will be made in full if the dates cancelled can be allocated to other schools and teachers.  Pro-rata refunds will be made if partial allocations to other schools and teachers can be made.

NOTE:  If your school is not able to host components 2 and 3, your teachers can still participate in the full training by completing the 1st component in their own time, and then, for the 2nd and 3rd components join with teachers at a suitable nearby hosting school (details of which we can advise you). 
See the Teacher Enrolment page for more information.

School Registration Form

Please select your school from the drop-down list immediately below and enter your name and contact email address.

Please ensure that the school selected is correct
If you cannot locate your school please provide the details in the fields below. 

Your Firstname
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If you were not able to locate your school, or the school address was incorrect please complete this section immediately below

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School name
Street Address
Advise your dates for Component 2
and Select your preferred dates for Component 3
  • Your dates must allow your 2nd component to be complete before your third component commences

2nd Component
(you can change these later if you need to)

 3rd Component

Please choose between 3 and 5 preferences

(NOTE: If you select a Saturday or a Sunday you don't need to select
a day 2, as a single Saturday or Sunday session goes for the full
required 6 hours.
If you select a weekday you will need to select a day 2, as the weekday
sessions only go for 3 hours, requiring 2 weekday sessions to make up
the full 6 hours).
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Third preference

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Fifth preference

Approximately how many teachers will you be enrolling?
After submitting this form you can at any time enroll your
participating teachers at
Teacher Enrolment: New K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus
(You can enroll your teachers or they can self-enroll)

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