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Teaching the NEW year 7-8 Technology Mandatory syllabus
A 2-day hands-on
face-to-face course & workshop

an extensive library
 (over 100 hours)
of online self-study, self-paced
interactive tutorials
Note: For teachers to enrol in Pedacomp's online interactive self-paced self-study modules, at least one teacher from their school must have completed the two-day face-to-face workshop.

Two-day face-to-face
workshop details
Scheduled for venues across NSW
The perfect hands-on learning environment: a skilled presenter supported by highly-trained helpers
What the 2-day face-to-face course & workshop covers
Years 7-8 Technology syllabus content difficult for teachers to practice and master in online self-study learning.

Note:  This face-to-face workshop cannot and does not cover the entire Technology syllabus.  The online self-study modules do that.  The face-to-face course specifically covers critical syllabus content requiring face-to-face involvement to engage with and learn.

Face-to-face course content
Click on any item in the below list to jump directly to that item in the Face to Face course Contents table.  Then click on the item's image in that table to see further information.
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Face-to-face course
Content list
Computational thinking
      Preparing to code
      Visual coding apps 
       Programming languages
       Coding-controlled robots
       & drones
3D & Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality
       Teaching in a classroom
       with 3D & Virtual Reality
   3D Design and Printing
       3D object design
       3D object printing
      Using Augmented reality apps in
       classroom learning

Face-to-face course
Content table

Click on an image to see more information on that activity.
Computational thinking
Computational thinking
Computational Thinking
   Pre-coding: teaching students
    to pre-plan their coding
Pseudo-coding: preparing to code
Pseudo code writing
Flow charts
Pre-coding data flow diagramming
      Coding:  visual coding apps 
Scratch: visual coding language
Visual coding
Blockly: visual coding language
Visual coding
Alice: visual coding language
Visual coding
      Coding:  programming
Coding languages: Python
Programming Language
       Coding:  software controlled
Bee Bot K-3 programmable robot
Programmable robot
Dash and Dot programmable robots
Dash & Dot
Coding-controlled robot
Dash and Dot programmable robots
Coding-controlled robot
Lego Mindstorms EV3
Lego Mindstorms
Coding-controlled robot
3D & Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality
        Teaching in a classroom
        with 3D & Virtual Reality
Google expeditions 
Unimersiv virtual reality
Google Expeditions
& Unimersiv
Virtual reality content
Google Cardboard: Learing with virtual reality
Google Cardboard
Classroom headsets
Google Cardboard: Learing with virtual reality
Google Cardboard
Virtual reality content
Google Cardboard-compatible sturdy headsets
Google Cardboard-compatible
sturdy headsets
3D (VirtualReality) Video Recording
3D video recording
180 degrees virtual reality recording: Lucidcam
Lucidcam 360
Virtual reality video recording
       3D object design
Scann 3D - 3D design from photos
Scann 3D
3D design
from photos
3D printing: object design - TinkerCAD
3D design
       3D object printing
3D printer
3D Printer
3D printed objects
3D Printing
USB microscope
STEAM: LittleBits snap-together electronic building blocks
Snap-together electronics
STEAM: Neodymium super-pull magnets
Neodymium super-magnetism
Temperature data logger
Temperature data logger
      Augmented reality in
      classroom learning
Hewlett Packard Aurasma augmented reality
Augmented reality

Technology for Teaching
Pedacomp Australia is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher  level.
Over 10,000 NSW teachers have attended Pedacomp courses with Pedacomp's NESA (NSWIT) 5-Yearly audit reporting outstanding outcomes.
Completing this course, workshop and preparatory online modules will contribute 17 hours of NESA Registered PD towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW, addressing  the above listed Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
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Each topic, app, and technology learning tool is introduced, time given for hands-on experimentation, and teachers then in groups given time to share ideas on how to use it with diffferent year groups and in different contexts.

"How will I remember it all after the workshop?"

Unlimited ongoing access to our modular e-learning site allows you at any time to review "how to do it" interactive videos on all of the apps, kits, tools and topics covered in the workshop.

Workshop sessions held in all NSW regions

Cost: $759 inc GST
Why $759?
Pedacomp strives to provide premium professional development at the lowest possible cost. 
This hands-on course is is the most costly workshop we have developed and presented in our 14 years of working with teachers.  Our investment in the multiple comprehensive sets of primary school technology teaching resources we are providing for attendees to learn to use, learn to teach with, experiment with and evaluate, plus the cost of the specially trained support staff we are providing at each course are significant.  In addition our commitment to making our training accessable to all teachers in all regions of NSW carries substatial transport and accommodation overheads.  This means that we do not anticipate covering our overheads of developing, provisioning and delivering this course until late in 2018.