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2020 Course Information
Using Microsoft and Google’s free "breakthrough" Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps for teaching and learning

A 3-hour NESA-endorsed course with two separate components:
-  30 minutes pre-workshop online self-study
-  2.5 hour after-school Zoom workshop (3:30 pm to 5pm)

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Evidenced-based research* shows that Microsoft and Google's AI text-to-speech and speech-to-text apps significantly enhance teaching and learning

"Learning with auditory and visual text proved superior compared to engagement with visual only text".

Leahy, Wayne & Sweller, John. (2011). Cognitive load theory, modality of presentation and the transient information effect. Applied Cognitive Psychology. 25. 943 - 951. 10.1002/acp.1787.

"Incorporating an auditory processing step into what would otherwise be a solely visual task increases the brain's ability to evaluate, analyse, recollect and create"