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Edison Robot Order Page


  • Price per robot is $47 each including GST regardless of quantity ordered
  • Pre-payment is not required.  Once your order has been processed a confirmation will be sent to you.
  • Upon despatch of your order an invoice will generated and will be included with your order.
  • Payment should be made as soon as posible after receipt of your order.
  • The robots are supplied to us directly by Edison and are covered by their 12 month replacement warranty

    Shipping costs will be added to your invoice as follows (including GST):

    Per carton of 10 Edisons:       $19:00
    Per carton of 5 Edisons:         $16:00 
    Less than 5 Edisons:              $8:00 for 1                                                $16:00 for 2-4

Maximum total shipping cost will not exceed $35.00

Order Form

  Please select your school from the drop-down list of schools

Please ensure that the school selected is correct

Schools with identical names are listed in postcode order with the school's postcode as a suffix.

(If you cannot locate your school leave unselected and provide the details in the fields below).

Please also complete this section to ensure delivery to the correct address:

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